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    Courage to change With Santa Grullon-Fedock

    If you need help with:

    Career change

    Upgrading education

    Negotiating salary

    Interview techniques

    Startup business online

    Then call an advice giver to coach you Phone: 978-521-1014  Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Never put off till tomorrow what may be done today. Mark Twain


    I have been where you are right now. You may pass your time thinking about tomorrow that all your goals and dreams will be accomplished but then you wake up the next day with no agenda, no concrete plan, no purpose, and poor choices for the future. Therefore, procrastination becomes your intimate and mutual friend holding you back. Don’t you dare to allow an attitude that tomorrow would be a better day for you instead take courage in taking charge of your today.

    I have added some testimonials here to ignite an unstoppable fire within you that will propel you to an ultimate action plan. First hand, I know that a life plan is more meaningful, rewarding, successful than no plan at all. It is just as simple as that.

    Tomorrow is never guaranteed!

    *I’ve given fictional locations & first names in this site for the sake of protecting their privacy & confidentiality.


  • Career Change

     A bright, motivated, hard-working and outspoken woman worked in the Health industry for a long time. Surprisingly, she was let go by her manager.  She was angry towards her boss. I advised her to email a letter to her manager highlighting all the good things the manager had done for her as a symbolic way of letting her go and moving on. Once, she released her manager she felt freedom again. Then, I begun to explore what things made her extremely happy. She started her own business educating young children. Today, she walks in a great level of confidence and autonomy. She loves being her own boss. Also, she has value customers on her extensive waiting list to purchase her highly needed service. In the Chinese language the word risk means danger or opportunity.  She embraced risk, how courageous? *Ms. Belinda: Boston, Massachusetts.*



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  • Business Business

     An intelligent, competent, organized young woman  was working in the travel industry but suddenly she was let go unexpectedly.  As a result of being let go, she was holding a lot of negative emotions against her manager, I came alongside to assist her in releasing hurt feelings regarding her unpleasant experience. I started to build her level of confidence. She began to think like a entrepreneur and pioneered a travel business that lasted approximately 15 years. She turned a negative situation into a positive one. *Ms. Nelly: Boston, Massachusetts.*


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  • Salary Negotiation Salary Negotiation

    An overqualified professional woman in the Social Services industry, was about to devalue herself by accepting a job salary offer that was below her extensive experiences and educational credentials. As an advise giver, I helped by speaking words to build her confidence. For example, I said “you are a competent woman and you can outline to them all the added values that you would Carefully, I coached her to effectively negotiate a favorable salary that would compensate and validate her expertise skills and the essence of her native language…



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  • Why Limit Yourself?

    Your opportunity to touch the world around you has no limitations except the ones you put upon yourself.

    It does not matter what season you find yourself in today. Whether you are in a winter or a summer season and you want to embrace something new like a career change, a new business or any other venture in your life - I'm here to help.

    Why not call an adviser to help walk you through your fears? I have helped many people with unresolved goals.

    Perhaps, you may see me as a life coach but I strive as an advice giver, committed to assist you in whatever season in your life you may need a gentle push to move forward.

  • Competitive Career

    A young woman who was eager and hungry to enroll into the Nursing field while coming from another country with a financial constraint.She was walking with a flood of fears because she didn’t want to be rejected from the program. I advised her to seek permission from the Head of the Department of Nursing and petition for approval to be granted to take four subjects, one course per semester. The second advice was to develop a strong study habit to earn A+ grades in each course. Thus, taking one subject would give her the flexibility to excel and take care of the issues of limited finances. She then submitted her application and she attached the four courses and immediately she was welcomed with open arms into the Nursing Program. She conquered her dream by focusing on taking small steps to reach her goals and a lot of determination in the process. Presently, she is living a fulfilled life with added financial benefits.  * Chinelly: Boston, Massachusetts.* 


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